Solar Panel Light: Solar Panel Shed Light

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Solar Shed Light – New Improved LED Model


A Solar Panel Light For Sheds, Out Buildings, Porches or Whatever!

Solar Shed Light

Welcome to a Dependable Solar Powered Shed Light

This is not the run of the mill solar panel light like you will find on Amazon or Nextag, this is a very high quality, newly improved LED model from

Solar Panel Shed Light

Got a shed out back?

Shed With No Service

Light it up with solar power.

Solar Shed Light

Don’t worry about paying an electrician, running wires, or an expensive electric bill.

A Solar Shed Light is affordable and easy to use.

Simply secure the solar panel to the outside of your shed, put the light inside, and you’re done.

You can also use a solar light in your greenhouse, garage, boathouse or workshop.

Save Cash

This Solar Shed Light is charged by a powerful Crystal solar panel and the light fixture holds 24 LED Lights.

A fully charged light will last about 5 hours and will recharge when the sun rises.

Stop paying to light your storage areas.

Utilize the free energy provided by the sun.

• Solar Powered Shed Light delivers big savings on electricity costs.

• It’s easy to set up—no wiring or complex installation needed. No outside electrical wiring needed.

• It has a durable housing, bright light and a long lasting solar charged battery.

• It can be installed on wood, plastic or metal.

• Compass for easy solar panel adjustment.

• Built in night light to find switch easily.

• Lamp type: 24 LEDs. Light duration Up to 2 hours.

• Solar Panel Base (Mounting Area) 7″ High x 6″ Wide.

• All hardware included. Comes with 10′ of cable.

Applications for  Solar Panel Lights are endless.

Porches, paths, pools, patios, picnic tables… and the list can get much longer because  those are just the P’s!

Solar Applications

Some of the devices in this collage look like things from the future, but folks, this is the future.

Traffic lights, public lighting and signs, cellphones, laptops and a whole slew of other consumables are on the way in an effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, foreign oil and just plain save the planet.

Flexible solar rolls and briefcase style solar battery packs are just a couple futuristic ideas that have come to light (pun intended).

This is a very new and exciting form of power in an age where just about everything we use needs a power source from the baby’s toys to the grownups toys.

Solar isn’t just for calculators anymore.

Solar Shed Light – New Improved LED Model


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